Sunday, July 28, 2019

Please Pray For Me

To my faithful readers,

The spiritual trial was over for a short time but is now back with full force & worse.

All promises broken, all hope gone.

Please pray for me, this burden is more than I can bear.


Sunday, June 16, 2019

T Shirts for Sale

Greetings from a Very Summery Iowa,

Please continue to keep my family in your prayers as this awful trial continues.

I'm offering T-Shirts & $2 per shirt will be donated to Vaxxed.

These are $10 each.

This shirt is $12 for the front only, $15 if you add the back too.

These are $12 each

This shirt is $10, $11 if you include the back.

This shirt is $11, if you include the back it's $12.

Shipping will be extra.   

Please email me at with your size.  2xl & larger will be an extra cost.   It will take 1 to 2 weeks for me to complete your order.

Thank you,


Saturday, March 2, 2019

Color Coded Ingredients


My life is continuing to be turned upside down & inside out.  I'm not going to go into details until things settle down.   If you are a praying type, please keep me & my family in your prayers.   Tears are being shed daily & it's taking everything I have to go to work, be a mom & grandmother.

I have referred you to the CDCs vaccine ingredient list many times over.   Someone in the Facebook community went thru it & did some color highlighting of the ingredients.  I decided to save those pictures & pass them onto my readers.

If you look at the legend, you can see yellow is toxic to humans.   There is a LOT of yellow in that ingredient list.   Blue is antibiotics.   The medical community is seeing a lot of antibiotic-resistant illnesses coming out.   I have no doubt this is related to all of the antibiotics in the vaccinations.

Until next time,

Saturday, February 9, 2019

2nd Grand baby is here


Grandbaby #2 is here.  My daughter had an unmedicated birth after 37 hours of labor on Monday morning.   This grandbaby didn't get the Vitamin K shot or the Hep B shot.  My daughter also blessed me with being there when she was born.

One of the nurses said they've never had a baby look so intently at them before.   My daughter & I looked at each other with knowing eyes.   They haven't seen many unmedicated births or a baby that hasn't been shot up with toxic shots either.

This baby is only a 5-minute drive from me compared to 4 hours for grandbaby #1. 

Many other things going on here as well.   But that is for another entry at another time.

Until next time,


Wednesday, January 2, 2019

Set your alarm clock & your DVR


Shery Atkinsson with Full Measure is doing a story on vaccines & autism.

It's going to on this Sunday on Fox.

Check for   channels    in  your area.

Here is the Facebook link  .

Tune in, pediatricians are to have hard questions to answer.

Until later,


Monday, December 31, 2018

2018 in Review

Greetings from Iowa,

As 2018 draws to a close, I thought I would pass along some highlights of this year.

August 2018 we hit a new high for visitors at 11,287 for one month.

We've had some new countries show up in the last couple of weeks - Moldova, Colombia & the Philippines.

General Overview-

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Grandbaby #2 is due in February.   I'm super excited.  I get to be there when she's born & she's only going to be 5 minutes away compared to my first grand baby who's 3.5 hours away.  

News on the vaccine scene is coming fast & furious.   It's super hard to keep up with it.  

Until next time,


Saturday, August 18, 2018

One Chair


First off let me start by apologizing.   This year has spiraled out of control.   My daughter was in a bad car accident back in January.   Followed by knee surgery in February.   She got married in July & her & her husband are expecting their first child come February.    I'm super excited to have a grand baby that is only 5 minutes away.

Now, onto the topic at hand. 

A few years ago before I graduated from the local community college, they had a display come thru our campus.    They had a chair for each victim that died as a result of domestic violence in Iowa.   Our prof for my sociology class wanted us to read each sign on the chair that talked about that particular victim, what happened to them & sometimes their age.   About halfway thru the display I started getting upset as I reached the end, I was irate. 

Why you ask?   This display was to show us how serious domestic violence is.   I asked the prof where are the chairs for the victims of vaccine injuries?   Where are the chairs for those who have died after vaccination?  Her response - that isn't as prominent as this.

Don't get me wrong, I am in no way discounting the victims of domestic violence.   The stories are sad & the children that were killed along the way is also heartbreaking. 

I later gave a talk about the dangers of vaccines & shed a whole new light on their dangers.

Recently, there was a display of shoes at the capital building in DC.  7,000 pairs of shoes for the number of killed by gun violence.

A chair for each victim of vaccine injury &/or death.  I searched the VAERS database for cases.  666.883 cases came up.   It is estimated that only 1% of adverse events are reported .   So that means, 99% go unreported.

So, the real number of adverse events is around 66.688,300.

As you look at this chair, imagine this was 66 plus million chairs.  Does this make more of an impact?  Does this make you look at vaccination differently if you are on the pro vax side of the fence?

Do you really believe that vaccine injuries are still 1 in a million?  To date $3.97 BILLION has been paid out for vaccine injuries.    Big pharma hasn't paid this out, pediatricians haven't paid this out.   We, the taxpayers are thru a tax for each vaccine given.

 Keep looking at that chair & think about how much space 66 plus million would take.   How many people would it take to set them up?   How long would it take?

I can't even begin to imagine. 

Until next time,