Saturday, April 29, 2017

Have you done your research? And you still vaccinate?

Greetings from Chilly Iowa,

It's been a busy few months here.   My husband & I both started new jobs.   I went back to school in January & just finished a very stressful semester.  And the racing season has started so we are busy making t shirts & decals for the local race teams.   Senator Pan from California has introduced a bill that allows the state of California  to question parents that don't vaccinate or choose to homeschool their kids.   Even allows the state to send reps into people's homes of kids they feel do not have a good home life.

Can you say Nazi Germany?

My son & daughter in law hate the fact that I'm anti vaccine.    They've gone as far as to restrict what I can read or say when I'm in their home.   And I'm not allowed to answer my grand sons questions when he is old enough to ask.  Tonight my daughter in law posted this on her Facebook page.

And she seems to think that unvaccinated kids can make vaccinated kids sick even tho they haven't had the shots.

So, lets address vaccine safety first.   We know that the CDC & Institute of Medicine have not done a safety study on the current vaccine schedule.

A case study of Vaccinated vs Unvaccinated kids was put up briefly back in November.  It didn't make it over a weekend & was quickly taken down among criticism.  Unvaccinated children were much healthier than their vaccinated counterparts.

A doctor from North Carolina put together a website in which parents could answer a series of questions about their vaccinated or unvaccinated child.  You can search the database by entering the parameters  you want to search.    Unvaccinated kids were much healthier than their vaccinated counterparts.

You can also search the VAERS database via this website.    I did a quick search while putting together this article, over 6,500 people have died since 1989 from vaccinations.

Over $3.6 BILLION has been paid out  for vaccine injuries.

A October 2010 Supreme Court decision  says that vaccines are unavoidable unsafe  .

Bobby Kennedy, Jr. & Robert DeNiro have put out a reward.   They will give $100,000  to anyone who can prove vaccines are safe .    To date, this reward has not been claimed.   If the provax'ers are so sure that vaccines are safe, then why haven't they claimed this reward?

Fetal mortality rate has jumped over 4,200% since the flu shot has been given to pregnant women .

And the US has the highest infant mortality rate in the world.

For my readers who are age 30 years & more, how many of you heard of Autism, ADD/ADHD when you were in school?  I'm 47 & have never heard of anyone with those when I was in school.

And here is the vaccines with aluminum in them & how much aluminum is in them.    Studies show how toxic aluminum is to the body.

Now, lets examine do unvaccinated kids make vaccinated kids sick?     First off, if you are so sure vaccines work, then what are you worried about?  

I love how parents say we will sue the parents of an unvaccinated child if our child gets sick.   My response to that statement - How are you going to prove it was my child that made your child sick?  We had 3 cases of wild chicken pox  ( 2 prior the vaccination) go thru our home, no idea where we picked them up.   My daughter got chicken pox twice more in the last 4 years.  The doctor we went to diagnose chicken pox this last time told us something very interesting - He said it doesn't matter how many times you vaccinate against chicken pox you can still get them.  My daughter & I looked at each other, What?   Why are parents having their kids injected with toxic vaccines  if they are just going to get sick anyway?

Vaccinated kids can make unvaccinated kids sick.    Unvaccinated kids are not dirty & making vaccinated kids.  

According to the CDC, adults who are up to date is very low.     If parents are worried about the unvaccinated & herd immunity, then where are the huge outbreaks?    You're not seeing them are you?

Baboons vaccinated against whooping cough made others sick because they harbor the disease in the back of their throats & can spread it to others.  What do grandparents do to their grand kids?   Kisses!   I gave my first grand child lots of kisses.    I haven't had any vaccines since 1975.    He didn't get sick from me.

So, lets do a little social experiment.

I call your significant other or your spouse & tell them you gave them an STD.

They call you up yelling & demanding to know why you gave them an STD.

You respond back, how can I give you an STD when I don't have an STD?


How can a unvaccinated child make a vaccinated child when they aren't sick?

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  1. Synergistic toxicity is so often disregarded or dismissed.

    We are told not to be ignorant about accepting sick people as the sickness being part of their identity, however, why are we ignorant of what causes the sickness? They either spin it away as genetic or complete ignore it.

    When you vaccinate a child, did you get tested for already existing toxins to avoid synergistic toxicity? The response is NO its not even considered as part of the equation or safety concern.

    We need to demand toxicity testing before vaccinations are considered.

    Stoping this ignorance to the dangers of vaccinations is a must.

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